ORPHAN GRAIN TRAIN is a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
outreach which provides 
relief for human needs worldwide 
that includes needs for the USA and foreign countries. 
"I will not leave you as oprhans; I will come to you."   John 14:18

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is an Orphan Grain Train Collection Site for:
  • CLOTHING . . . men, women, infant, toddlers, children ... underwear to outerwear
  • HYGIENE . . . towels, washcloths, personal care items, diapers (adult and children)
  • BLANKETS . . . quilts, baby blankets, bedding, linens, sheets, pillowcases
  • TOYS . . . clean dolls, stuffed animals, soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs / bats
  • MEDICAL . . . canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, bandages, splints, braces
  • HOUSEHOLD . . . plastic dishes, cooking utensils, sliverware, curtains, rugs, Christmas items, empty suitcases, purses, bags, backpacks, school supplies                                                                        

Orphan Grain Train is ready to handle all of your unneeded: household, clothing, miscellaneous and left-over garage sale items. Bring them to the BSLC back entrance collection site for Orphan Grain Train.

We take it "off your hands" to benefit others.

So tell friends, relatives, neighbors about BSLC collection site for donations they may have . . . their leftovers from garage sales, estate sales or moving out. 

INFORMATION SITE - - - www.ogt.org

Tuesday, November 21, 9:00am - 12:00pm - OGT Sort / Pack @ BSLC
Tuesday, November 21, 10:00am - Pastor @ Harmony
Tuesday, November 21, 6:30pm - Thanksgiving Worship
Wednesday, November 22, 6:30am - Men's Study @ St. Paul's Stevens Point
Wednesday, November 22, 6:30pm - NO Confirmation
Wednesday, November 22, 6:30pm - Choir
Thursday, November 23 -
Thanksgiving Day
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