Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Mission & Vision

             A.  Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (BSLC) Mission:

                       “To Know Jesus and to Make Him Known”.

                        Our mission requires both Discipleship and Apostleship

                        Discipleship: Willing, growing, learners and followers of Christ

      (“To Know Jesus”)

                       Apostleship:  Eager messengers of the Gospel being “sent out”

   (“To Make Him Known”)

             B.  BSLC Vision:

We are to be the body of Christ who both as a body and as individuals are to have inward beliefs, outward obedience, an obligation to walk with Christ, a desire to share in the work of Jesus and a     need to witness to His story to anyone God brings into our lives or unto our hearts.  A living faith requires both disciplined learning (inflow) and being sent to the world with Christ’s message (outflow).

The more we trust the Lord and reach out beyond ourselves the more we will grow spiritually.  This outreach may be in personal witness, in social ministry, in protection and preservation of the family, by being living examples of the love of Christ or in any number of ways. To be effective in our outreach (Apostleship)  we must each be able to give a confident accounting of our faith (Discipleship).  While we will continue to preach God’s Word with a balance of law and Gospel and to stress Salvation through grace, we will need to also preach the translation of our faith into action.  We must also be energized by the Spirit through authoritative, reverent, joyful and uplifting worship.  Finally, outreach means moving forward which means that other than using lessons learned, we must put our past (both great and unfortunate) behind us.

As your pastor, fellow sojourner, and spiritual leader/under-shepherd of Christ, I answer first and   foremost to Jesus Christ as do you.  I will work to see that we remain focused on Christ; that we approach God’s work with urgency; that I become and/or remain excited about our future; and that I earn and/or keep your respect and friendship.  I look forward to a time when I will be “Pastor Dave” more than I am Pastor Ficken.

C.  Discipleship Vision Goals and Attributes     

Goals:  To be living examples of our faith; knowledgeable about our beliefs; and always able to make a  defense of our hope in Christ.


Having a personal relationship with the Lord

Reading and studying the Word

Praying regularly and taking time to listen for God’s answers

Being disciplined

Having a Spirit filled faith

Being joyfully enveloped by the peace of the Lord

Reflecting Christ’s love in all that we do

Encouraging each other

Exhibiting unity while working with many personalities, talents and spiritual gifts

Serving God and one another

Being thankful to the Lord in all circumstances  

D.  Apostleship Goals and Attributes

Goals:  To exhibit, extend and expand the Good News of the Gospel wherever we are.


Trusting God in all things and above all things

Proclaiming God’s Word and the story of Christ

Being excited about the opportunities that God gives us

Living our lives as Christ-like as possible

Serving God and others outside the body of BSLC

All those under ‘Discipleship’

E.  What Does this Vision Mean?

1.  To BSLC Leadership:

a. Visible participation in Bible studies and/or things like “The Truth Project”

b. Decisiveness based on prayer and good Christian judgment

c. Completion of projects in a timely fashion

d. Making visible changes in the sanctuary to symbolize and/or support the re-energized and re-vitalized worship services

e. Definition and implementation of structural changes to the church organization that will enhance our effectiveness

 f. Creation of a constitution that matches and supports the new church structure

 g. Encouragement of the membership and the pastor

 2.  To the Laity in General:

a. Church attendance as a priority

b. Enhanced/increased participation and responsiveness in church services

c. Openness to leadership decisions which may bring changes to services or facilities

d. Enhanced stewardship participation support

e. Participation in Bible studies and/or things like the “The Truth Project”

f. Focusing more on what we do for others outside the BSLC body

g. Sharing the message of Christ not only with each other, but outside BSLC by living example, via work ethic, or through conversations as opportunities allow

h. Willingness to participate in church “work”

i. Encouragement of other members and the pastor

3.  To the Pastor

a. Providing leadership in the spiritual aspects of our congregation while trying to delegate program implementations and administrative tasks

b. Being available to share in the joys, sorrows and fears we encounter as a confidant, counselor and/or friend

c. Turning over our congregations problems, trials and insecurities to the Lord and His grace without stepping away, but stepping up to our challenges

d. Constantly seeking God’s help to provide inspiration, instruction and example for all of us                     

NOTE: For additional background and Scripture references, see Pastor Ficken.

BSLC Mission & Vision approved by Council 9/13/10 & by the congregation 9/26/10.

Today, March 19 - Pastor @ ICPC Chaplain Training in Merrill
Today, March 19, 6:30pm - Womens' Study @ BSLC
Tuesday, March 20 -
Spring Begins

Tuesday, March 20, 9:00am - OGT Sort / Pack @ BSLC
Tuesday, March 20, 10:00am - Pastor @ Caregiver Coalition
Tuesday, March 20, 5:30pm - 7:00pm - Grief Share Support Group @ BSLC
Wednesday, March 21 -
Midweek Lent
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